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Sess 4-5 “Fine Thang” Video

New Orleans artist Sess 4-5 releases visuals for his new hit single “Fine Thang.”   Over trap tones and thumping bass, Sess 4-5 delivers a catchy tale of an Instagram affair gone right. A story all too familiar about sliding into DM’s, but Sess 4-5 hits the jackpot with a ‘fine[…]

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‘I Want It All’ (Diogenes feat. Cube Ref)

“I Want It All” by Diogenes is the first video-single off his debut album “The Lonely Hero” featuring Cube Ref, produced by Big Session. ‘The Lonely Hero’ lets you into the mind of Diogenes and his pursuit to sit at the pinnacle alongside the greats, by blending creative lyricism, powerful rhymes on some dynamic production. How much of himself is he willing to[…]

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Angel Bedrock “Finer Things” [Audio]

Bronx native Angel Bedrock releases his new hit single “Finer Things” off his new EP entitled ‘Timing’. The 22-year old artist delivers the perfect, exotic blend of vocals and rap to define the finer things in life. Sounds of pulsating piano keys and a vibrant kaleidoscope of drums and bass,[…]

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This week on The Ryan Show

Good afternoon, This weeks show along with the flyers and episode write up have been added to the Google Drive. Enjoy the final round of The Next Big Thing! Next week we are back to our regular format for our interviews with Pretty Lou of Lost Boyz, comedienne Damn Homie and ex NBA Baller Ricky Davis.[…]

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Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low

Arguably one of the biggest releases of the year, Ben and Jerry’s anticipated Chunky Dunky collaboration is slowly encroaching towards its first round of releases via select skate shops this weekend. The shoes themselves have been unveiled through many a form including that of teasers, on-foot shots, official imagery, etc., but now it looks[…]

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Brown Skin Quin “Bitch/Knowledge is Power” Video

Brown Skin Quin release visuals for “Bitch/Knowledge is Power” single, produced by Code Red Ent. The Atlanta based wordsmith delivers a powerful record with a powerful message set to take over schools, streets, and mindsets. Quin’s extreme lyrics urge folks to bow down and pay homage instead of smoking, drinking[…]

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Math Hoffa vs. Brother Polight

This is a crazy story that just broke. Math Hoffa was threatened and warned to avoid supporting Dr. EnQi healing people with coronavirus. Math Hoffa recorded a live stream where Dr. EnQi commented via the chatroom and Math Hoffa told everyone to watch Dr. EnQi Coronavirus Testimony video where he shows how[…]

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Mikh Hattana Show

This week on the Mik Hattana show you’ll have as every weeks the best of Electonic Music. This week mixe features artists like Mercer, Diplo, Karizma, Dj Spen.. Best time to catch it worldwide on Monday: 7pm in LA 7pm in London 7pm in Hong Kong. 10pm in NYC. 20h[…]

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