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Soulrac x Big Bob “Blackface” Video

Inlighten Music Group present Soulrac’s latest single/video “Blackface” of his new album ‘Soulploitation.’  “Blackface” is produced by multi-talented international producer Big Bob of Elite Sound International. It’s been nearly 200 years since white performers first started painting their faces black to mock enslaved Africans in minstrel shows across the United States. It was[…]

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Air Jordan 4 2020 release

Although we’ve still got the holiday season’s wide offering of Jordan releases to look forward to, early info on the Jumpman’s 2020 slate has begun to surface, and there’s a solid selection of new takes on beloved retro models that are sure to appease even the most finicky JB fan.[…]

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This week on THE FUNCTION

This week on your favorite morning show The Function, DJ Shakee checks in with the owner of Reign Drink Lab over in Boston.  We have some new music from Dumbfound, DJ Muggs, and some classic tracks to honor Betty Wright, Little Richard, Andre Harrell, and Florian Schnider from Kraftwerk.  Pull[…]

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When it comes to sneakers, there are a lot of places to buy some. But when it comes to real sneakers, there is only one! LARRY DEADSTOCK in Paris. Julien Ojea aka Larry Deadstock was born in Paris on April 29th, 1979. From an early age, he showed a great passion for[…]

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French rock band SILMARILS is back! Known as the french Beastie Boys, and after a 10 years break, the multi-awarded rock band Silmarils is having an anniversary reunion. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their first album, the band was supposed to do a show in Paris at The Bataclan[…]

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Gillateen x Frank Grizzly ‘CANY’ LP

Gillateen and Frank Grizzly announce the release of ‘CANY’, a NY meets Toronto emcee/producer collaborative. The 12-track project is produced entirely by Grizzly with cuts and scratches by DJ TMB and DJ Goadman. Gillateen shows off his mastered wordplay, storytelling, and quick-witted punchlines for what can be considered an epic[…]

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Jade Elise “Lilacs” Lyric Video

Jade Elise delivers a chilling record set to transcend listeners into a hypnotic realm. She does so through her uncanny, ingenious melodic flow that soothes with conviction. Seconds into the record Elise exudes her confidence and agility to harmonize through a spectroscope of worldly sounds, blends of clapping drums and[…]

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Rahli “Clip Hangin” Video Ft. Lil STL

Rahli and Lil STL link for “Clip Hangin” single and video, a lyrical PSA representing St. Louis. The two unite to show and prove that red and blue can connect for a ‘lituation’ during a worldly quarantine.  Watch original bosses make boss moves both in life and music and stay[…]

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R&B Sensation Ms. Monae “Ride” Video

Ms. Monae, under LMK LLC in association with Rockboy Records LLC, proves to be the next R&B sensation in her latest single/video “Ride.”  The video shot in Miami Florida accentuates the titillating beach and nightlife vibes while displaying Monae’s natural sexiness and melodic vocals.  What she wants is simple, someone[…]

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