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Jade Elise “Lilacs” Lyric Video

Jade Elise delivers a chilling record set to transcend listeners into a hypnotic realm. She does so through her uncanny, ingenious melodic flow that soothes with conviction. Seconds into the record Elise exudes her confidence and agility to harmonize through a spectroscope of worldly sounds, blends of clapping drums and[…]

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Rahli “Clip Hangin” Video Ft. Lil STL

Rahli and Lil STL link for “Clip Hangin” single and video, a lyrical PSA representing St. Louis. The two unite to show and prove that red and blue can connect for a ‘lituation’ during a worldly quarantine.  Watch original bosses make boss moves both in life and music and stay[…]

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R&B Sensation Ms. Monae “Ride” Video

Ms. Monae, under LMK LLC in association with Rockboy Records LLC, proves to be the next R&B sensation in her latest single/video “Ride.”  The video shot in Miami Florida accentuates the titillating beach and nightlife vibes while displaying Monae’s natural sexiness and melodic vocals.  What she wants is simple, someone[…]

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Notes82 “No Justice No Peace” Single

NY lyricist Notes82 drops a revolutionary track bringing people together to rise against a broken system. “No Justice No Peace” captivates with alarms, sirens, soul hammering bass, and earth-shattering drums. Notes delivers impeccable lyricism set to open eyes and ears and exploit hard societal truths. Although hate is contagious and[…]

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