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I love music and I listen to music all the time.

I do like to open Pandora and listen to my favorite artists’ playlists. I like listening to my favorites songs on my iTunes library. Of course, I enjoy what I listen because I choose it. But I suddenly realized that something was wrong...

I did miss the time when I was listening to the radio waiting for my favorite tracks to be played. Most of the time, that so-long waited track was never played but it made me discover a lot of artists and music styles because I was listening to the radio.

In a world where everything is “on demand”, I decided to found Wild1 Radio to go back to the roots of radio and DJ. In my opinion, a DJ is someone who is making people discovers music and radio stations are one of the main ways to discover music and new artists.

From Hip hop to EDM, from Pop to Trap music, on Wild1 Radio you will find the best and greatest DJs from all around the world playing the best music for you.

Internet has made the world smaller, so to keep everyone connected, each show is broadcasted at the same time in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong.

Matt Swift
Wild1 Radio founder

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