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Janko Nilovic’s Supra Hip-Hop Impression.

Broc Recordz presents Janko Nilovic’s Supra Hip-Hop Impression. https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/supra-hip-hop-impressions/id1168996310&app=itunes https://brocrecordz.bandcamp.com/ This album is due to a radio meeting between the legendary composer Janko Nilovic and Dipiz the  beat maker,crate digger, deejay and radio host. On the 17 of april 2015 ,Janko decides to offer live and direct a keyboard suprise[…]

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Wild Style Breaks: The Untold Story

Wild Style Breaks: The Untold Story For three days in June of 1981, a movie director, a hip hop scenester and a drummer met in Blank Tapes studios in Manhattan and created the soundtrack to the most iconic hip hop movie in history. Phillip Mlynar tells the story.   For[…]

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BUSTA RHYMES: The Coming (20 Year Anniversary)

It is supposed to be a time of celebration, another great album of the golden era which has reached its 20th Anniversary. But 2016 hasn’t been nice to our public figures. Our idols and heroes passing away left right and centre, at this rate, Papoose’s 2016 obituary will end up[…]

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