Wild1 Radio

The B-KiLL Show “Hip hop Skratch music”

Dj B-Kill from France distilling some Hip Hop, Soul and Funky Beat along with scratches and Pass-Pass of all kind.

Broadcasted every Wednesday at 5am, 1pm and 9pm LA time.


In 2008, Dj B-Kill (Fr) was resident Dj at the “Bleuets ” (2 Alps/fr).This is where he was in contact with the best Dj’s like Dj Nelson (world DMC 2011), Dj Fly (multiple world championship ), Dj Netik (3 x world Championship), Dj Pone and more…

From 2008 til 2010, B-Kill mixes in different pubs/clubs but also for skate/ski/snow/wakeboard contests and Hip-Hop Battles.
From 2010 til now, you can see him behind the turntables during showcases with US/UK Mc’s.
In 2011, he became the Official Dj of
  “Shyheim” Aka The Rugged Child (Wu Tang Killa Beez) and he toured with him in foreign countries such as Belgium , Sweden and Denmark.
Dj B-Kill works as Dj & Beatmaker for “The French Legion“, which is a crew with different Mc’s, Dj’s & Beatmakers from the French underground scene. Hosted and produced by Aslan (12 Jewelz/UK).
He works on the TRANSATLANTIC Mixtape, regrouping all past U.S. collaboration of Aslan and make 2 tracks with him for this project.
Dj B-Kill made also 3 Mixtapes, recording in one take, strictly on vinyls since 2011, a new one “Free Shyheim” is on the way.
In 2016 he incorporate “Wild1 Radio” (Los Angeles) and have a Show every Wednesday at 9pm L.A. / London & Hong Kong time, the show is called “The B.Kill Show” and some podcast or available in free download on Mixcloud.


Best time to catch it:

Every Wednesday at 9pm in LA, 9pm in LONDON and 9pm in HONG KONG

every Wednesday at 4pm and Midnight in NYC

every Wednesday at 3pm and 11pm in MEXICO

14h et 22h a Paris le mercredi




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