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kS and Co.

WILD1 RADIO introduces the show KS and Co. presented by DJ Don Keem from Paris

On the 1st Sunday of each month, join the Live mix Open Format from DJ Don Keem
On the 2nd Sunday, DJ Parad2x will entertain you with a House, Indie-House, Tech-House mix.
On the 3rd Sunday, the duet Don Keem & Parad2x will prepare an amazing groovy mix
At last, but not least, on the 4th Sunday, special guests will make you discover their musical world.
Stay connected if you want to travel.
The show KS & CO. presented by DJ Don Keem every Sunday from 7 to 8 pm exclusively on Wild1 Radio

Broadcasted Sundays at 10am/6pm LA time and 2am Monday morning.


Best time to catch it:

6pm on Sunday in LA

8pm on Sunday Mexico

9pm on Sunday NYC

4pm on Sunday in LONDON

19h le Dimanche soir et 11h du matin le Lundi a PARIS



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