Wild1 Radio


1h of Dutch beats, sexy Reggaeton, Moombahton, Dancehall and Hip-hop/R&B with Dj Lady Do

Best time to catch it worldwide on Tuesday:
6pm in LA
6pm in London
6pm in Hong Kong
7pm in Amsterdam
9pm in NYC
19h a Paris.

Lady Do is one of the most sensational talents to arise on Dutch grounds. Her outstanding
mix of Hip-hop, with an impossible-to-miss touch and presence, become noticed quickly now
that she is dominating the Amsterdam club scene like Jimmy Woo and Club AIR, which
quickly became her residential hotspots.
In addition to bookings in her motherland, Lady Do can also often be found abroad. She has
already been able to share her talent and passion for music in Spain, Germany, Turkey,
Romania, Egypt and Belgium where she easily finds her way blending in with all the different
music tastes. Her passion to travel around the world in combination with her DJ-performance
and sharing music, Lady Do can do what she loves most.



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