Wild1 Radio


1h of Hip Hop and Soul mixed by T.U.C.K from Los Angeles.

Broadcasted Tuesday at 9am/5m and Wednesday at 1am LA time

T.U.C.K born in a small town called Hardeeville SC, but known amongst the Industry as a Triple Threat. T.U.C.K started off as an Artist, appearing at shows with “DJ FUNK FLEX, DJ ILL Kidd, BIGGA RANKIN, Rap Juggernaut , MMG, CMG  and many more to name. T.U.C.K Released his first Major record in (January of 2014)”King” Feat the Legendary “Warren G”, which spread across the U.S, and also entered different countries. He has also proven his ability to Create Taste for listeners amongst the masses. During the winter of 2015, U.C.Kingz took a big fall due to the sudden death of T.U.C.K’s father and 9 week premature daughter, Today T.U.C.K has Formed skills from Artist to Taste Maker, He believes he can help many people see all music as a form of fine art. T.U.C.K started U.C.Kingz Radio, along with (UCKINGZ.com) which gave him access to many different artist and major entities in the music industry.  UCKINGZ.com/U.C.Kingz Radio has sponsored for award shows, Feed the homeless, Provided Home goods for Families in need, hosted artist mixtapes and many more community activities. U.C.Kingz Radio has it very own Mixtape series which is Titled “UCKINGZRADIO”, Vol.1 “Sy Ari Da Kid” Gave U.C.Kingz the honor of Hosting their very first Mixtape series, DJ BIGGA RANKIN, DJ Des & DJ New Era gave U.C.Kingz An explosive hosting for U.C.Kingz Radio vol. 2. U.C.Kingz Radio Mixtape series, were at Corner markets in states such as NC, SC, FLA, NJ, and DC. U.C.Kingz Radio Plans to Revamp their new Website this Spring ! Look out for U.C.Kingz Radio because Taste making is the profession. #FeedTheLand  .


Best time to catch it:

9am and 5pm in LA on Tuesday

8pm NYC on Tuesday

10h du matin et 18h a Paris le Mardi






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