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Safari user?

If you are a Safari user experiencing player issues, please follow these steps to make the player work

  1. From the Safari app, go to the Safari menu and choose “Preferences”
  2. Go to “Advanced” and next to “Internet Plug-Ins” uncheck the box alongside “Stop plug-ins to save power” to turn the feature off
  3. Exit out of Preferences 
  4. Relaunch the web page
  5. Enjoy!

Enjoy listening Wild1Radio everywhere !

You can listen to the radio on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone by using any of the options :

On your computer, smartphone or tablet:

Leave this page open or open it in a new tab by clicking here.

On TuneIn:

On your mobile devices you can use your favorite web radio app or download the TuneIn app for free.

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