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Underground Store (The B-Kill Records Shop)

Underground Store is an independent record store located in France in a middle town called Villefranche s/S at 30km north of Lyon.
Created by Nicolas Villemagne aka PitcHH The Sinista aka Nick Udgs* the day he turned 22 on 17th of september 2005.
Specialised in Hip Hop Lifestyle and dedicated to tecords ( Compact discs , k7 tapes , vinyls ) Nick puts forward some goodies with buttons and other types of collector items.
Selling online via his website www.undergroundstore.fr you can also find special guests on saturdays.
Each guests bring vinyls to play and covers to expose.
Instores with artists are common and already made with names such as The Alchemist , Big Twins & God Pt. III from Infamous Mobb , Maylay Sparks , Jeru The Damaja & Lil Dap ( Gangstarr Foundation ) , Sabac Red from Non Phixion , Parish Smith from EPMD, Mykill Miers , Shabaam Sahdeeq , Shyheim or Rocca from Tres Coronas…
Six stairs under the ground this vaulted cellar with walls of stone is finally the spot where is established an infamous label called 6 feet deep.
* http://www.undergroundstore.fr/biographie/


Nick Udgs mixing some 1986 Hip Hop Finest strictly on vinyls for “The B-Kill Show” On Wild1 Radio :

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